Rome: Part Two

The crowded metro car rumbled closer and closer to our stop. I could only look at Lizzie in amazement as I reflected on where we were headed. Before we knew it, the surge of people swept us through the graffiti filled station and deposited us on the cobble-stone street. And there, soaring over our heads, it rose ... Rome's ancient Colosseum.

Images of courageous martyrs facing the lions, iron-clad gladiators dueling to please a blood-thirsty crowd and children boldly making choices and paying the ultimate price for them all flickered through my mind as I stood in the shadow of this ancient ruin. The history, lives, choices, and decisions which I had studied, become mesmerized by, and admired for so long all began to take shape as as we made our way through the columns, up and down the stairs and paused to gaze over the wide arena. It was a quiet evening. We took our time, walked slowly, spoke softly and let our hearts and minds take us back in time. And as we watched the sun set behind the hills, we reflected on the courage and boldness of the men, women, and children who chose to die on that spot rather than deny their faith and their God. How I wanted to bottle up a little of that courage to take with me...

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