John [Senior 2016]

A baseball can usually be found within reach of this senior at all times. So it was fitting that we did his photos at the high school ball diamond that has witnessed so much of his hard work, passion and  dreams unfold...


Hiking the Catskills

We went hunting for waterfalls a weekend or so ago. And along with a 260-foot roar of falling water, we also found autumn slowly creeping over the Catskills. I have to admit, having grown up amidst corn and soybean fields, the sight of any mountain range, no matter the size, never fails to make my heart just about burst. Wonder, amazement, joy ... Beauty does that to a soul. You get a little sliver of a glimpse of God's greatness and glory when you're tucked in the valleys and peaks of the mountains. Granted, my boots will never be the same again: I think there are still a few rocks rattling around in the heel of one of them. But the short hike through the damp, pine-scented woods was worth every step.



Long weekends with the family. A tradition of dragging dad out for a hike through a state park. The nursing student practicing taking pulses mid-hike. Apple picking in the orchards. Watching the seasons slowly begin the transition from summer to fall. Tiny little munchkins wrapping their arms tight around your neck. Fresh produce being canned up in preparation of winter. Senior photo sessions at the ball diamond. Learning how to change the oil in the car. Turning twenty-seven. New recipes making the kitchen smell like apple cider and cinnamon. Exploring Duluth during the fog. The first pumpkin spice latte of the season. Ending the month with a bang. Thank goodness for State Farm. 

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