Apartment Love

It took about five and half months: but the little bluff-side apartment is looking more like a home and less like four bare walls. Having moved with only the items I could fit in a car, there was a closet full of clothes, three plants, dozens of dog-eared books, enough coffee equipment to start a café, and all the favorite photos. Oh. And a Christmas tree stand.

I was all set to spend the next few months getting lost as I drove about bargain hunting. But before I could even get started, the items I needed most started pouring in: Michael hauled in the tiny wooden bed that his Grandmother had given him when he turned four. His mom took us up into the attic one cold evening to dig for pots and pans, silverware and dishes. The two of them made a mess as they pulled apart box after box, making sure that I had complete sets of everything I needed. The thirty-year old brass lamps lighting the evenings came from his aunt and uncle, as did the couch. The plant came from Home Depot when I stopped to pick up his 'Little Christmas' gift.

And of course, the rug. Oh that rug. On her visit out here, Mom and I spent a better part of an evening in Target attempting to compare rugs and find something that would work in the space. We pulled out  option after option, laid them in the aisles of Target, bought one, decided it looked like something from a funeral parlor, and returned it. Later in the week, she managed to navigate her way around upstate New York without a GPS to find the perfect fit. She then made me exchange the curtains I had settled for to invest in the ones I wanted. Every time I look at them I’m grateful that she insisted.

When I look about me now, though it might not all match or look like it came from Pottery Barn, I see warm and generous hearts who didn't think twice about helping a Midwest transplant start putting down roots. 


Further Up and Further In

When I stop and realize the ways in which God gently, (and sometimes not so gently!) works in the background of my life, all I can do is stop and try to pick up my jaw up off  the floor. So many times, without even noticing how he is doing it, he brings the people I need most into my life.

Ms. Nataleigh is one such example. This friendship of ours goes back to a snowy January we spent studying philosophy in Poland. Two completely different personalities, together we somehow work - our various strengths contributing to a friendship that has weathered graduating, finding jobs, experiencing heartbreaks, going back to school, rendezvousing in Europe, and then moving to the East Coast within several months of each other.

We added another chapter to the story this past weekend as we experienced a piece of life on the East Coast. We hiked the Catskills, soaked in the beauty of the slowly-wakening spring, battled New York's toll-ways and lost, realized that our pallets are not refined enough to enjoy duck, relished these words, and had the unwritten agreement that since neither of us are morning people, talking before 8:00 a.m. was definitely not a necessity.

Where would we be without strong, deep friendships? Friends that draw you further up and further in ...

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