Paris: Part One

Paris was the last item on the European agenda. I wasn't sure what to expect. Many people had told me how frustrating their time in Paris was, while others couldn't say enough good things about their time there. I attempted to take it all with a grain of salt, did a little research and found myself stepping off a coach bus at 5:45 a.m. on an early Friday morning in Paris.

Those first gray hours were spent meandering the streets around the Arc de Triomphe, while catching glimpses of the Eiffel Tower through the fog. Cold, tired and sleep-deprived, I eventually stumbled my way into a small cafe, where the kind maitre d' took one look at the bags on my back and the bags under my eyes and proceeded to take care of me. A short while later, another bus arrived and my long-time friend and I set off to experience Paris ...

And I will admit .. I fell flat on my face, head-over-heels for Pairs ...


  1. Those are some wonderful photos of Paris. I love Paris and I think it's a beautiful place to see and take photos of!

  2. Lovely photos! This is getting me excited for Paris next autumn when the leaves have changed colors... it really is a great time to visit. I am glad Paris captured your heart. It's not for everyone, but I too understand that Parisian magic :)


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