Minneapolis: Minnehaha Falls

Summer seems to be the season for couch-surfing. Each year someone in the family is borrowing a mattress or a couch, and this summer it is the the nursing student turned South Dakotan's turn. And having a sister sleeping on your couch naturally means late night conversations, Netflix marathons, a fair number of Angry Orchards, and having someone to rope into weekend jaunts around the Twin Cities.

 One particular Saturday, our goal was to do a bit of exploring, even though we had stayed up till 4:30 a.m. the night before discussing the usual: work, life, love, and relationships. The humid weather, glorious air-conditioning and lack of sleep made it hard to work up the motivation to go anywhere. After a few rounds of hitting the snooze button, however, we eventually filled up our travel mugs with hot coffee and made it out the door.

Our first stop was a street fair that actually wasn't being held till the next day. Note to self: don't believe everything you read on the internet. We switched gears and decided to go to Plan B which involved picking up the third sister for more coffee. The slight problem there was the fact that she has an adorable tiny son, which translates into you having a 19% chance of her answering her phone. The tiny tot won out, so Plan B went quickly to Plan C which involved, "Well, now what do we do?" Thankfully Minnehaha Falls happened to be on the way home so we stopped to people-watch and hike along the Mississippi River. And because Mom instilled in us a love for Winnie-the-Pooh, we couldn't help but partake in a few rounds of Poohsticks...

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