The Fourth of July

I'm not sure how it happened, exactly, but slowly over the years the 4th of July has become the holiday that everyone makes it home for...it's a little bit like Christmas in July! This year was no exception. My parents' yard quickly filled up with vehicles as siblings arrived throughout the morning and the kitchen grew smaller and smaller as more bodies congregated. Why is it that some of the best conversations happen in the kitchen? 

Mom outdid herself per usual and provided enough food to feed an army, the aunts and uncles passed the three nephews about all day, firecrackers started going off before noon, the wiffle ball tournament was both fiercely competitive (a home-run fence and spray painted field lines were included), and child-friendly, as there were at least two littles either running the bases or being carried on the shoulders of a player, and there were enough fireworks to keep everyone oohing and aahing late into the night...

...it was a good day to take time to be grateful for a country in which freedom is cherished and celebrated and to be mindful of the men and women who fight for and protect it in so many different ways and places. May God bless and protect our Country and her people always...

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