October. October was fall festivities in all their glory ... hayrides and haunted houses, pumpkin patches and jack o'lanterns. Pumpkin spice lattes and cider. Baby showers and house full of laughing women. The golden blaze of the trees against the October blue skies. Late nights re-watching NCIS. Weekend walks around the lake. Cheering on the World Series. Candles glowing in the dusky, early evenings. It was everything an October should be.

But there was more. It's amazing how the Holy Spirit can use a leap of faith and quickly work to open doors in the course of a month. I'm learning that I have to be careful for what I pray for! When you tell the Lord you're willing to walk through the open doors, He takes you at your word. At the beginning of the month, I was submitting job applications, and starting the interview process. By the end of it? A new job was accepted and a move to Albany, New York was no longer a wish and a dream, but instead became a reality.

And it was in those moments that all the emotions began! Cue the excitement, nervousness, joy, and bitter-sweetness that is the close of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. I still can't quite wrap my mind around it ... for being someone who loves comfort zones, I can't believe I'm on the verge of a cross-country move. But at the same time? I'm ready. Under all the roller-coaster of emotions that have been the past weeks, there is a deep peace which is giving me the courage to pack up my little red car and make the final preparations. That, and knowing that there is a dark-eyed New Yorker waiting on the other end to see where there Lord wants us. God is good. Always. And so, the next chapter of this adventure of life is about to begin. Here's to becoming a Mid-West transplant in upstate New York!


  1. Wah girl you are going to live it there! I just visited NY and thought I could do live here!! New beginnings and adventures are often the start of something amazing!:) I'm so excited for you. When is the big move?


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