NYC: Through the Parks

A couple years ago, I had a layover in JFK airport. I remember flying over NYC and watching as Central Park unfurled below me. It hurt to not be able to leave the airport and explore the city ... so as I caught the next plane and left the skyline behind, me I promised NYC that one day I'd be back.

And on a cloudy, damp January day, we stopped in Hell's Kitchen to pick up coffee for our walk. The small Turkish cafe was filled with dark-clad women ordering their vanilla lattes to go and men quietly working at their laptops. Once I had coffee in one hand, his hand in the other, we meandered through the streets, knowing we were closer as the volume of people began to increase. We turned a corner and horse-drawn carriages began trotting past us, bicycles were too many to count, and the sounds of little munchkins could be heard on the granite slide. We had found Central Park.

Walking through the park entrance, I couldn't decide which direction I wanted to go first. Given the countless hours I've spent watching Person of Interest on late Saturday nights with Dad, I had a bucket list of little nooks and crannies I wanted to find ... it was a continual deja-vu moment as we walked through familiar scenes and stopped to people watch. My conversation skills were practically non-existent ... there was so much to watch and take in. After a few hours of walking about, we found a park bench and watched a Saturday morning in Central Park take place.

A few short mornings later, we played the scene all over again but this time in Bryant Park. That morning was windy and cold ... our walk through the park resembled more of a quick march than a leisurely stroll! We briskly walked through the park, stopped to watch the ice-skaters braving the cold, and then ran for cover and something piping hot!

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