Early Morning on the Lake

Before falling asleep on Sunday night, Katie and I discussed whether we wanted to get up in time to watch the sunrise. We knew that if we left that decisions till morning it would be far too easy to stay slumbering. The decision was that no matter how we might protest the early morning wake-up, we were going to grab our blankets and go to the dock.

The loons woke us up with their haunting cries across the water (or rather, frightened us awake!). We stirred, mumbling"But it's so cold!" and debated whether the effort was worth it. For about a minute and a half it it looked like the pillows and comforters were going to win out. Somehow...don't ask me how, we managed to leave our warm beds to stumble down the cabin steps. The minute we found ourselves settled into adirondack chairs, blankets tucked in around us, we realized it was worth every lost minute of sleep. The combination of heavy mist swirling over the water, the call from the loons, sounds of the canoe bumping against the dock, fish jumping at water bugs, and the stillness and quiet of those early morning hours were so beautiful it almost hurt. It was pure magic.
The coffee steaming in our mugs didn't hurt things either.

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  1. Sweet memories!! That morning was a dream come true!
    God is so good!


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