The things I want to remember:

Fall slowing coming to life in the Northeast. Meeting at Home Depot on a Friday after work. Lying crammed on the floor side by side learning how to grout a tile floor. Canning a bushel of apples late at night: hovering over the canner to ensure nothing exploded.
Realizing it was the last name-tag Sunday that we have to write different last names. The scent of cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice. A nine-foot San Damiano cross unexpectedly showing up at the office on the feast of St. Francis. Mums and pumpkins sprouting on every porch and stoop. A hike up a mountain: not giving in and turning around. Oversleeping and forgetting to pick him up to run errands. Saturday morning at the Farmers Market. Roasting pumpkin seeds coated in olive oil, because, italians. Celebrating his twenty-ninth year of life. Our first dinner-and-movie date. Organizing closets. Washing the blankets, anticipating cooler evenings. Flying back to my cities. Stopping at the favorite coffee shops. Weddings at tiny country churches. The groom's non-stop smile. Eight adult siblings crushing each other close for that family photo. The catch in everyone's throat as the bride walked up the aisle. Catching the last flight to Albany. Leaves scuttling across the parking lot. Learning how to glue wainscoting to a wall. The first snow fall. The laughter of trick-o-treaters.

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