The One Where I Find a Desk in my Apartment

You saw a glimpse of the tiny apartment I call home. But my favorite part in it? That would be the desk that I found waiting in the living room when I came back after a visit to MN. It was just a few days after Christmas: I had taken a 5:00 a.m. flight out of Minneapolis, worked a half-day, and then tiredly stumbled into my dark apartment, dragging my bags after me. I almost dropped everything in surprise when there, waiting for me with a bow on top, sat the desk that I had pinned and asked Michael if we could build one day. While I had been home for Christmas, he found the plans, bought the lumber and spent his Christmas break on a labor of love!

What he didn't realize though, was that he'd have to help me pick a stain for it! We spent countless hours in Home Depot: he'd wander around the store, while I sat staring at samples, swing around to check on me, and would keep on going. Talk about nerve-racking ... I didn't want to mess it up! I finally picked a color, and we tested it out. It was too dark, so when Mom came out for visit, back we went back to Home Depot! Her many years experience in home decor saved the day, and we came home with a beautiful stain. Since I was still scared to touch it, she spent hours working the wood, and bringing it to life.

It's an incredible gift to be loved in tangible ways, isn't it?

(Oh and the shelf that is above it? Another Home Depot project!)


  1. Beautiful! :) Love your pig bookends. ;)

  2. What a sweet guy!!!! Love your photography too. You both have such talent :) Post a picture of the whole desk, would love to see how it turned out!! What a thoughtful gift and surprise and the stain is a gorgeous color!

  3. Yes - I would love to see the whole thing from the front as well! It looks beautiful!!! and the color/finish is perfect. I love having pieces that are imperfect but have stories behind them and come from the hands of those I love. xo!


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