Train to NYC

One of the hardest parts about beginning life in a new place was the heart-wrenching question of "What happens to all the relationships that I've invested so deeply in?" It was terrifying to think that this beautiful new life was going to cost the friendships that walked with me through awkward teen years, college decisions, relationships and heartbreak, and striking out into the world to pursue dreams and goals. How could I let go of the people who had seen me through so much? Those fears caused more than a few late night tossing and turnings.

It was foolish, really. If those friendships had taught me anything, it should have been to trust in the depth of love that these women are capable of giving. While it's true that our relationships look a little different now (our chats with glass of red wine in hand now include a phone), the heart to hearts, encouragement, love, and laughter, haven't changed. I've been learning that if a someone wants to genuinely invest in your relationship, distance and time don't stand a chance of deterring them.

This was never more evident than when Lizzie arrived at the Greyhound bus station in Albany. This woman has taught me so much about pursuing the desires of your heart and never letting fear detract you from boldly pursuing your life. It was pure joy to find ourselves once again curled up on the couch, our conversations peppered with "Do you remember walking through the worst parts of Barcelona at 2:00 a.m. to catch our bus?" or "Remember dancing in Paris at midnight in an Irish pub, with a Frenchman and a German?" It didn't matter that it had been eight months since we had seen each other; the place that we'd kept for each other in our lives allowed us to step right back into our friendship with even more depth and heart, completely laying all those old fears to rest.

(Now, true to the spirit of our friendship, we woke up at 4:00 a.m. to catch a train down to NYC to rush tickets to Les Mis, though we both had a different cough bug and packed enough suppressants to stock a drug-store. You should have seen the amount of Nyquil and chicken soup we bought on the following day!)

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